Google Tone Transfer can turn Any Sounds into Music

Recently, Google has launched a new machine learning tool called Tone Transfer which helps people to transform any sounds into music like a flute, whistling, or a saxophone. Google is doing perfect but amazing things with the latest machine learning and artificial technology. With the help of machine learning algorithms, Tone Transfer can easily transform bird chirp, human voice, or any other sounds into a simple and clean composition.

If you want to try Google ToneTransfer, then you can try it on your computer or an Android phone. The simplest way to test the feature is to record your hum. You should note that a recording of a short murmur can turn into a song easily without any issues at all. After recording, artificial intelligence will come into play, and sent sound will be played back for the users in an organized manner.

You just need to record 15 seconds of sound and then let the Tone Transfer does it works smoothly without any hassle for sure. You are going to hear a tune played back with a violin, flute, or trumpet. You just need to visit the official website using your laptop, Android device, or desktop. After accessing the website, you need to select the “Let’s play” Option to tap or continue the “Watch short video” option to see how it works. It is easy to use and you would love using the website for sure.

You are going to notice different inputs, including Carnatic (singing), Acapella (singing), Cello (performing), or pots and pans (clanging). All these options are already prepared which you can transform quickly into various tones, such as flute or trumpet. If you want to use your voice, you should click the “Add your own” input option. This allows you to record your sound for 15 seconds.

Also, you should note the Tone Transfer’s output quality will depend on your background noise and mic you are going to use to record your voice. You can try for a few tries to get a better recording before getting the output you are looking for. Tone Transfer always uses a neural network to change user audio input into DSP (Digital Signal Processors), converted into various instrumental sounds.

At last, if you are in the right mood for a fun way to kill some time and want to turn any sounds into music, then you should try Google Tone Transfer right now!



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