What is Dofollow and Nofollow links in SEO?

Are you running a personal or business blog? If yes is your answer, then you might be thinking to get top ranking positions in SERP for sure. But you should remember that it will take time and will never happen overnight. You should take the help of some backlinks which can help in giving more value in Google search. These links are mainly divided into Do-follow and No-follow links for SEO. Here you would come to know about the major difference between Do-follow and No-follow link for SEO.

Do-follow links for SEO

Do-follow links are an HTML attribute which can be used to let search bots to follow the links. It would be better for you to understand that if a webmaster is properly connected to your website with Do-follow link, then people and search engine bots will be able to follow you easily without any issues at all. Your website will get a top page rank results in getting more profitability to your business.

Also, you should note that Google considers notes of Do-follow links and checks how many users are linking to your website page to determine how better the page is. If you have more Do-follow links, then you would be able to get more points for sure. You can get Do-follow link from anywhere and also able to gain a follow link from a highly famous website.

No-follow links for SEO

No-follow link is different from the Do-follow links. It does not let search engine bots to follow your links. It can be followed only by people. You would not be able to boost page rank, website rankings and would have no SEO value for sure. Also, these links do not pass any link juice but you can get traffic on your website.

The No-follow tag can be perfect for SEO as most of the genuine webmasters prefer using this tag not to follow untrusted content. From the technical term, the only difference between a no-follow link and a standard “dofollow” link is the presence of the rel-“nofollow” tag. In simple words, if you are getting a no-follow backlink, the linking page will not pass the authority to your page. It will not help in improving your rankings and transfer any PageRank.

At last, you are aware of the major difference between Do-follow and No-follow links for SEO. If you are planning to increase website traffic for the profitability of your online business, then it is the right time to consider the Do-follow link.



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