A look into the Google New Core Algorithm Update 2019

A look into the Google New Core Algorithm Update 2019

Google has recently launched a new core algorithm update and it was rolled out in the first week only. As per Google, it is their regular broad update which is similar to their last update in the month of March. This update would be impacting all the search results, but Google has not mentioned any clear details regarding the search results till now.

Here are the vital details which you should know about the Algorithm update 2019

Big impact on your Content

The main goal of the broad core update is to fully enhance the search results quality, which means user experience and content quality is key. Quality content means information which you are providing should include the right amount of trustworthiness, expertise, and authoritativeness. It helps in generating more traffic to your website.

Google is focusing more on creating content over the past few months. Make sure you are always updating and optimizing your content to get the best results from it. For content optimization, you can create high-quality content which would attract more visitors to your site. It can be in the form of videos, blog, and podcasts. By using the right keywords and tags, you would be able to generate more traffic easily.

MYL Websites

Google has not given any information about the type of websites which would be affected by the new Algorithm update 2019. As per the search professionals, there has been a significant ranking change in Health-related and YMYL websites. All the health-related websites noticing big boosts in their ranking and traffic, you would get the quality content and business which would help in resolving your concerns.

There are many business and finance websites which are experiencing big changes in their overall search rankings. There is a significant ranking decline on many retail, travel and gambling sites. The main reason behind the decline is not mentioned anywhere and you should analyze these websites right now. You should search for all those issues which are badly affecting the website ranking. 

This latest Google Algorithm update has proved that Google is now focusing more on quality content rather than quantity of content. You need to focus on providing good content which would help in attracting visitors to your site regularly.

Do you have any doubt regarding algorithm updates and would like to know more?

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