Bolo learning app launched by Google to increase Literacy

Bolo learning app launched by Google to increase Literacy

The big Tech Giant Company has launched the ‘Bolo’ learning app to increase the literacy rate in India. This application is mainly designed to help the children’s to get the proper education and helpful for native Hindi speakers. With the help of this app, children would be able to read using text-to-speech technology and speech recognition. They can ready by themselves like any personalized reading tutors. The app would also help in assisting at every step by giving both correct and positive feedback. It also includes different types of 50 stories in Hindi and English which are totally free.

There is also an option to play interesting word games which can help in earning in-app badges and many rewards. It is possible to track every progress by using the same application for multiple children. This app plays an important role in improving the learning and reading skills of the children. In the rural areas, getting a proper quality education is not really possible and children face several hurdles during their learning process. In this type of situation, Bolo learning app provides all the learning and reading benefits to the children across India. All the stories and reading materials are sourced from Storyweaver which are available free.

The Bolo learning app would work even the device is offline, so that there would be no problem while focusing on reading. It has been designed by keeping in mind children security and safety and personal information stays on the device only. It is available to all children and their parents all over India. In the coming days, Google would start working with four nonprofit partners; Saajha, Pratham Education Foundation, Kaivalya Education Foundation, and Room to Read.

Users can download Google Bolo app from your Google PlayStore in India. It would be better for you to understand that this application is mainly optimized and designed for native Hindi speakers only. It would be designed and optimized for other languages also very soon.

We should Praise Google for showing great effort to help children read and learn in English and Hindi and remove the learning gap. In the future, this app would be on the top due to its great features and services to the children in India.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet for your children, then you should download it right now.

Download from your Google PlayStore.

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